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Fellow mbira and Shona music enthusiasts:
It is with deep respect for the Shona ancestors, boundless pride in their achievements as musicians, instrument makers and teachers that these pages are presented. For the Shona people and the world at large, the Shona ancestors sustained and left a complex, intriguing and invaluable oral tradition. Their invention, the mbira, more than a thousand years ago marks a significant contribution not only to the culture and religion of the Shona people, but also to the history of musical instruments. The music they left for us is timeless, adaptable and rich in heritage and tradition. The wisdom they imparted to us through mbira music continues to bind us as an extended family. With a unique kaleidoscopic melodic structure, interlaced with proverbial words of wisdom, Shona folklore, religion and myth, mbira music entertains, teaches, comforts as well as provide a springboard for personal reflection and spiritual development. On behalf of the music's originators, mbira musicians and the people of Zimbabwe, welcome to the mbira page.

Solomon Murungu


Babawapepukai (Solomon Murungu) holding an Mbira dzaVadzimu

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