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Thomas Mapfumo
Conquering Lion from the Shona peoples, Thomas Tafirenyika Mukanya Mapfumo is an accomplished musician, poet as well as a defiant and stubborn social and political commentator. A champion of social and political justice, Mapfumo has not only defined a style of music with a consistent message, but he has relentlessly delivered timely and relevant social messages to his audiences through his music. Calling his music chimurenga, Mapfumo has made major contributions to the Zimbabwe's social, cultural and political landscape. Often ignored by Zimbabwe's elite, Mapfumo has consistently preached a message of social, political and economic reconciliation. Idolized as their social and cultural evangelist, Mapfumo has gained a large following among Zimbabwe's underpriviledged and working class. His emergence on the international scene in the mid-80s confirmed Mapfumo's stature as chimurenga master and international recording artist.

If Zimbabwe ever had a consistent musician, it is Thomas Mapfumo. His vision and ability to summarize social and political ills through his music is immense. His unusual ability to adapt traditional Shona music and use it to address domestic and international social issues makes him a rare musician. With an uncompromising commitment to the Shona culture and ways of life, Mapfumo has consistently challenged all Zimbabweans to honor and respect their culture and heritage. With a life-long resume of a musical genius, a consistent message of respect and admiration to the Shona culture, an impressive discography, Mapfumo has established himself as national hero. It is this author's opinion that when his day comes, Mapfumo deserves a resting place on Zimbabwe's Heroes Acre in recognition of his many under-appreciated and often ignored contributions towards Zimbabweans' cultural awareness.

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