The CI Series

The Shona imports CI series of mbiras are collectible and interesting instruments. Some are just plain old mbira with incredibly sweet sounds. Of note in this series are CI004, built by Samson Bvure with signature shield and his initials on the back of the soundboard. CI005 (sold) is a used and exceptionally bound instrument with an instantly appealing, rich and mature sound. CI006 (sold) boasts an unsual use of metal plating extending beyond the index finger hole on the lower right of the instrument. The CI012 is a unique lead mbira fitted with an electric pickup. One of its past owners is Adam Chisvo, veteran mbira player of Chiwoniso Maraire and Culture Vibe band.

CI013 (sold) is a rare matepe built by Tshaka Chawasarira. A combination between instrument and a work of art. Decorated with incredible Kore Kore detail, this is a unique mbira to add to one's collection. CI014 is another Chawasarira experimental matepe. While matepe are characterized by very thin long keys, this matepe is built with nyamaropa style wide keys - one of many research and development projects Chawasarira embarked on. CI015 is an exceptionally old matepe (this instrument is no longer available).

CI016 (sold) is a rare Nyamaropa built by Chawasarira. The Kore Kore decorative detail is evident and so are the pistachio nuts rattles. The final installment from Chawasarira is a 19-key masterpiece with an exceptionally long soundboard - more than 12" long!



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